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Birthdate:May 1
Location:Colorado, United States of America
Um, hi? I'll think of something smarter to say later.

This may be why I don't say anything at all.

Interests (97):

aliens, ambiguous sexuality, arcane, art as spirituality, arting about, bats, bellydance, boo kitty, carnal fae, carnivores, carriwitchets, catalysts, cheshire cat, clarity, comparative religion, creative nonfiction, cryptic wit, curves, dr seuss, duct tape, entheogens, erotica, ethics, giggling, happy noises, hiding under covers, hoaxes, honesty, honey, i prefer to bite, illegal gods, initiations, interpersonal dynamics, irony, judicious levity, kapharim, katie karnage, kissing girls, labyrinth, laughter, logic puzzles, mad science, mad theosophy, magical realism, mail order monsters, metamorphosis, missions from odd, monster hunting, mortijingle, muppets, musicals, naughty things, needles, nibbling, nuns, occultism, orks, panties, papayas with wax lips, parody, portals, pouncing, psychological profiling, random acts of fanfiction, rebirth, redemption, rhetoric, riddles, ritual, roleplaying games, royal jelly, rpgs, sapiosexuality, satire, sex as transcendence, sex education, shiny things, slytherin, small and unusual keys, special effects, spiders, strawberries, swashbucklers, tarot, tarts, technomancers, tentacles, tonkinese, tricksters, twinkling bats, urban fantasy, vampire staking, whimsy, wicked glee, wit, wonderland, zombies
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